Some people don’t have the luxury of being able to choose a time to workout but for those that do, they can be left wondering when they should do their daily workout. Here we look to see if it matters and if so, when is the best time.

Should you be an early bird?

While some love being able to workout first thing in the morning and get their routine done for the day early, the science suggests that it might not be the best idea. One reason for this is that your body temperature starts off colder at the start of the day and this can lead to stiffer muscles and a higher chance of injury.

Testosterone production is also lower in the morning, which is important in building muscle in both men and women. Cortisol is higher though in the morning and that contributes to fat storage and muscles reduction, therefore it’s another reason why training in the morning is not a good idea.

What about a night owl?

Those downsides of a morning routine as we mentioned there aren’t going to be a factor in the evening. There are downsides to a nighttime workout though as it can make it harder to sleep and therefore not only leave you more tired but also has a negative effect on your recovery.

Also at that time you are much more likely to have less energy and therefore your workout isn’t going to be as efficient. Due to these reasons, working out at night isn’t going to be the best for you either.

Afternoon is best

This then leaves the afternoon as you’re body here will have the right balance of energy, your body will be suitably warm and also your hormones are going to be in balance. This isn’t going to suit everyone though and sometimes you need a different routine.

Weight training is best avoided in the morning but this is less of an issue if you are working out for fitness. It’s also a great idea to do your workouts at the same time of the day to get your body into a great routine.