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Live day trading – FOMC is brutal but our support and resistance are about perfect. 26th Jan 2022


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In this video we discuss/cover xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx In this video we cover the Daily Trading Levels for today on the US Futures Markets. It doesn’t matter whether you trade e-minis or micro e-minis these Levels work on any index over any timeframe.

We use these Indicators on a daily basis to determine the Daily Trading Levels. These are levels in the market where there will be substantial support or resistance. Using these Levels in conjunction with the hourly chart and your trading chart will give you more information to help you make high probability trades.

Inteligex uses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and very clever mathematics to calculate award winning Trade Signals and Indicators. Follow our 5 Step Process which is easy to learn and simple to use and you can be on your way to High Probability Trading.

Learn to trade LIVE in our Trading Room alongside our experts and other Traders like you. Our Trading Community accelerates your learning and makes it fun!

Suitable for trading Commodities, Forex, Futures, Stocks and Options over any time frame. Effective for beginners and experienced Traders.

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DISCLAIMER: Inteligex is not registered as an investment adviser under any jurisdiction, as such Inteligex does not offer or provide personalised trading or investment advice or recommendations. Inteligex is a tool for analysing and forecasting market movements. For full disclaimer see:, Inteligex – learn to trade alongside pro’s, Inteligex, daytrading, tradewisely, daytrader, AI, learntotrade, besttradingsystem, futures, trader, tradingsignals, tradingpsychology, YM, e-mini, ES, NQ, RTY2000, trading signals, trade alerts, trading system, tradingroom, tradingcommunity, futurestrading, live trading room

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