Your calf muscles play a key role in your athletic ability but they often aren’t worked hard enough by people who would rather focus on other muscles. Training your calves will help you to gain more power, look great and prevent injury. Here we look at some of the best exercises to help you build up that muscle.

Jump rope

The classic jump rope is a great way to not only build calf muscles but also to increase your fitness and balance. As you will be constantly skipping on your toes, this will work your calf muscles and add a great level of strength. It is also easy to push yourself further and further by setting yourself goals as your calves get stronger.

Calf press

As they are used multiple times a day, it takes a lot of stimulus to build calf muscle and doing heavy reps on a calf press machine will help you to do that. In order to work your calves, you simply need to press down on the tips of your feet. Doing a small number of reps (between 6 and 10) on the highest weight you can is the best way to build muscle.

Calf raise

The beauty of working your calf muscles is that you don’t have to leave the house if you didn’t want to. Standing on an elevated platform (such as the bottom step of a staircase) and repeatedly standing on your tip-toes at the edge and then bringing your foot back down level will be a great exercise for your calves.


Going on a hike will not only exercise your calf muscles but also enable you to have a great adventure. In order to work your calves, going on a challenging uphill hike would give them the heaviest amount of work and your will quickly feel the strain but also see the benefits after you have been out a few times.